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RZ 85 - Fakten:

85 cm
5,50 m
ca. 30 kg
max. Beladung: 250 kg
Stangentasche: 170 x 30 x 22 cm
Hautrucksack: 80 x 56 x 25 cm
Spanten aus Birkensperrholz, Längsteile aus Esche
Baumwolle in rot, grün, blau, gelb, oliv
PVC (alte Boote in grau, ab ca. 1999 in schwarz
2904 DM
3180 DM
290 DM
318 DM
483 DM (Pouch)
1113 DM (Pacific)
50 DM
Spritzdecke 580 DM


Review of the Pouch Double (RZ 85)

by Ralph Diaz
from: The Complete Folding Kayaker, McGraw-Hill Company, 1994

This boat is being dubbed the other folding kayak from Germany, but it's not a Klepper, at least not a modern one. Its design bears a striking resemblance to the pre-World War II Klepper double.
The Eureka 2 is now being brought into the North American market in a way that shows some promise, especially since it is a very good craft at about the price of a Folbot. The Eureka 2 has frame members similar to the Klepper but their fittings are more primitive. The deck is of lighter cotton, and the hull consists of a reinforced vinyl material.


Assembly can be difficult, and disassembly even tougher - until you figure out the knack. Even when everything goes smoothly, it will take you 20 minutes to do each of these jobs, particulary disassembly. The boat lacks air sponsons, which ease these processes in other foldables. The skin fit is tight, which makes the insertion of frame halves very exacting, and removal is also a chore, since the parts tend to wedge inside the hull. The boat is fairly light, but it's bags are awkward to carry and their straps aren't padded.



The Eureka 2 excels in both these compartments, which makes up in part for the difficult assembly process. It is extremely stable and rides over swells and waves with abandon. However, the boat is cut very low and may take on water, especially since the spraydeck is not strong enough to deflect anything but spray.



This boat tracks beautifully, cuts cleanly through the water, and is not affected by crosswind or side swell.



Despite its extra length, th Eureka 2 turns well and responds well to its rudder.



The Pouch double is a very fast boat that requires little effort to get up to top speed. Once there, it cruises efficiently. It's easy to paddle, because its low sides allow clearer swing room for your forward stroke.



Its stable platform gives plenty of versatility for sailing, fishing, and attaching a motor. The rather large cockpit enhances your ability to engage in these activities. The Eureka 2, however, is somewhat harder to paddle solo because of it's length. Access below deck is on par with other open-cockpit foldables.



The workmanship is good but not on a level with the better double foldables. The wood appears to have less varnish than the others and has rough edges. The vinyl hull is not likely to give it as long a life as would Hypalon or to hold up as well under a variety of conditions.



The Eureka 2 is low priced, but its array of accessories cost extra. Deprication is an unknown factor, because the boat is only now being brought into the market in any numbers.


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